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Squad car camera catches images of possible meteor

Squad car camera catches images of possible meteor

A camera in a Madison police squad car parked on the city's west side caught images of what appears to be a meteor late Wednesday.

The squad car was parked near Westgate Mall's Hy-Vee store when the light in the sky appeared at about 11:52 p.m.

Another officer driving on Old Sauk Road also saw the light.

The officer parked at Westgate drove to where he thought the object might have fallen there and could not find anything out of the ordinary.

The Federal Aviation Administration reported no large planes in the area.


'Frankenfood' event participants could win spot on TV show

'Frankenfood' event participants could win spot on TV show

Madison-area folks are invited to take part in a funky food event next Friday with the chance to be part of a cooking reality TV show. 

Madison Area Technical College's Truax campus on Wright Street will host the "Frankenfood" event from noon to 4 p.m. in the gourmet dining room. Frankenfood is a new buzzword for a dish made up of many contrasting parts that would not normally be paired together but stitched together as one, makes sense and tastes good (or at least tastes good to you).

Madison Abuzz As New Ordinance Legalizes Beekeeping

Madison Abuzz As New Ordinance Legalizes Beekeeping

By Nora Hertel, Madison Commons Reporter

Until now, beekeeping in Madison was technically illegal. Nevertheless, dozens in the city have tried to keep their bees under the radar.

According to Matt Tucker, the zoning administrator for the City of Madison, keeping bees has been like stacking firewood on your property. The city does not condone the activity, but it only becomes an issue if the neighbors complain.

But a new ordinance, passed on Feb. 28, permits, even encourages, Madison residents to keep bees as part of an effort to promote local, urban agriculture.

Officially called Section 9.53, the change comes as an amendment to chapter 28 of the Madison General Ordinances of the conservancy, agriculture, and residential districts.

Proponents see the ordinance as part of a broader urban farming movement.

New Business, ScooterCabs, Helps Eliminate Drunk Driving

New Business, ScooterCabs, Helps Eliminate Drunk Driving

ScooterCabs, a local business created by three University of Wisconsin-Madison grads, aims to provide an affordable alternative to taking a taxi home or driving under the influence. 

The service was created as an extra option for patrons that drive out to a bar or restaurant and have a few too many drinks.  The concept is similar to a taxi, except for one fundamental difference; the taxi is now the patron’s own vehicle.  There is no longer a need for patrons to abandon their vehicle at the bar or restaurant to make it home safely.

"With Wisconsin’s high rates of drunk driving, Madison seemed to have a need for this type of service," said owner Justin Sisley, "but even for the majority of people who would make the responsible decision to call a cab, our service provides a much more convenient option for them.  No more waiting around for a friend or cab to take you back to your car in the morning."

Everybody's Getting Ready For Big Game

Everybody's Getting Ready For Big Game

If it's the first game of the year, it's fair to say that you need to do a little late summer cleaning.

Check out this photo taken at the Mermaid Car Wash on Madison's Far West Side.

We know somebody will be ready for Thursday's tailgating festivities!

Far West Madison Man Finds Grenade While Mowing His Lawn

It wasn't a stick or a dog's ball that stopped a Shefford Drive man while mowing his lawn on Tuesday night, but a grenade, according to Madison police.

The man told police he didn't know if it was real. Policed determined it was real and contacted the Dane County Sheriff's Department Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) - otherwise known as the bomb squad.