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Baraboo Stabbing Suspect In Custody

Baraboo police said they have found the man suspected of stabbing his girlfriend on Saturday.

Keane Singleton, 25, was taken into custody in Madison early Wednesday morning.

Police said he stabbed 21-year-old girlfriend multiple times during an attack last weekend. The woman was taken to a hospital with multiple puncture wounds, police said.

Police said her wounds were serious, but were not life-threatening. She was later transferred to a Madison hospital.

Singleton was found at a home on Allied Drive, and K-9 units helped find him hiding in the basement of the home, police said.

Singleton was taken to an area hospital because of suspected excessive alcohol or drug intake, police said.

He remains under guard at Meriter Hospital awaiting transfer to the Sauk County Jail, authorities said.

Turkeys Becoming Aggressive In Mating Season

It's turkey mating time in the area, and some confused turkeys are causing a stir in Madison.

On Tuesday morning, Madison police received a call they don't get too often. A wild turkey was stalking some residents in downtown Madison.

The call was one of a handful of turkey sightings around Madison in recent weeks, but in more rural areas, like on Madison's far West Side, the accounts are that turkeys have been more aggressive.

Some claim wild turkeys have been attacking people and even cars.

It happened to Madison resident Nicole Casaletto a few years ago, as she was checking her mail.

"It was huge," Casaletto said. "I have never been that close to a wild angry turkey other than that day. As soon as I opened my door, this giant 30-pound angry turkey started rushing at me."

Casaletto escaped with no injuries, but with this most recent rash of turkey attacks, one might wonder what is going on.

Ferrell Wins Dane County Board District 15 Race


In the Dane County Board District 15 race, incumbent Ronn Ferrell had 56 percent of the vote, beating Susan Bailey in Tuesday's election.

Ferrell had 1,057 votes to Bailey's 826 votes.

Incumbent Veldran Wins Dane County Board District 7 Race


In the Dane County Board District 7 race, incumbent Matt Veldran had 66 percent of the vote, defeating Jon Snowden in Tuesday's election.

Veldran had 1,894 votes to Snowden's 964 votes. 

Boy, 4, Leaves Home After Bad Dream

A 4-year-old left his house after having a bad dream and attempted to walk to his mother’s home early Sunday morning to be considerate of his sleeping father, Madison police said.

The child told police he used the front door because he knew the garage made noise.

Joseph, 34, of Fitchburg, found the child more than a mile away from his father's home, wandering along the road on the 9200 block of Crosswinds Lane, police said.

Joseph, whose last name has not been released, stayed with the boy until Madison police and fire arrived.

Members of the Fire Department checked the boy for any medical problems and gave him a stuffed animal, according to a police report.

The boy was unable to give police any detailed information, such as his last name, address or phone number, police said. They calmed the child by letting him play with the squad car lights and siren. Police said he was then able to give more details that helped return him home to his father.

20 Mailboxes Damaged On Madison's West Side

Madison police said someone damaged about 20 mailboxes in a vandalism spree in a West Side Madison neighborhood late Sunday.

A resident reported hearing "sharp sounds," like car doors slamming, to police around 1 a.m. Monday.

Police said they arrived later that morning to find some mailboxes along Frisch Road and Jacobs Way knocked off their posts, while others were damaged but remain attached.

One woman found her mailbox hanging in a pine tree. She estimated damage to her property at around $100, police said.

Traffic Stops Lead To Three Arrests In Dane County

The Dane County Sheriff's Department officials said that three recent arrests following traffic stops illustrates how speed enforcement allows them to crack down on criminals.

On Monday, sheriff's officials said an officer working overtime on a speed grant pulled over a car with a suspended license plate at Thurston Lane and Red Arrow Trail in Fitchburg just after 5 p.m. When the driver couldn't produce an ID, he drove back to his house. When they got there, according to the Sheriff's Department, the mother of the driver said his name was Luis Celaya-Hernandez, and he couldn't produce a license because it had been revoked because of previous convictions for operating a vehicle while intoxicated.

Sheriff's officials said the deputy also found a warrant for Celaya-Hernandez's arrest. He was booked in the jail on the warrant, and was also cited for operating after revocation and driving on suspicious license plates, according to the Sheriff's Department.