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EatDrinkMadison.com reviews KJ's Curry Bowl

EatDrinkMadison.com reviews KJ's Curry Bowl

I had to experience for myself KJ’s Curry Bowl's diverse menu, which boasts Asian, Mexican and American cuisine. I mean, where else can you get chicken Marsala, a chipotle chicken burrito and Bourbon Street chicken in one sitting?

First, a note on the service. The servers are all extremely friendly and eager to help patrons navigate the menu. I was curious why they all wear Bluetooth earpieces, but I didn't ask.

Let's start with the appetizers. Read more at www.eatdrinkmadison.com.

Supporters: Despite spills, manure digesters make positive impact

Supporters: Despite spills, manure digesters make positive impact

In November, a pipe ruptured on Dane County's community manure digester, which converts cow waste into power. About 360,000 gallons of manure flowed through a dry ravine, according to Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources spokesman Bob Manwell. The spill entered a creek and reached the village of Waunakee, located more than two miles away, bringing with it an odor.

"As far as environmental damages, there was no immediate fish kill, which is a good sign," Manwell said. About 90 percent of the spill was cleaned up within a week, he said, but some of the spill, located in areas unreachable by equipment, remains.

"We're not saying there were no damages," Manwell said. "This is going to take some time, and we'll continue to monitor to see what impacts there may be."

$24M pavilions to replace Alliant Energy Center's barns

$24M pavilions to replace Alliant Energy Center's barns

Dane County will replace the Alliant Energy Center’s barns with multi-use pavilions in a $24 million project set to begin early next year.

Dane County Executive Joe Parisi said Tuesday that the county will award a Middleton construction company a nearly $20.7 million contract to build the pavilions. 

The project is pending funding approval from the Wisconsin State Building Commission and the Dane County Board of Supervisors.

Middleton-based Miron Construction will build the pavilions that will create 290,000 square feet of multi-use space on the footprint of the Alliant Energy Center’s existing barns, according to a news release from Parisi’s office.

Demolition of the barns is expected to begin next year, with the project’s estimated completion in time for the 2014 World Dairy Expo.

Girls planned to gift stolen clothes to boyfriends, police say

Girls planned to gift stolen clothes to boyfriends, police say

Two Madison teens told officers they planned to give clothing stolen from a west side shopping center as gifts to their boyfriends, according to the Madison Police Department.

Madison police said a 17-year-old and 15-year-old girl loaded a cart full of merchandise at Macy’s in Hilldale Mall Wednesday night and went into the fitting room for about 45 minutes. A loss prevention officer at the store told police when the girls came back out from the fitting rooms, bags they had brought into Macy’s were full and there were still some clothing items in the cart.

The teens made no attempt to pay as they left the store with the bags. The loss prevention officer stopped the girls.

Police said one of the teens was taken to the Juvenile Reception Center and the other was taken to Dane County Jail.

Police said one of the girls told officers after she was caught that the plan to steal gifts for their boyfriends was a dumb idea.

Local food options open in Dane County Airport

Local food options open in Dane County Airport

Local options to grab a bite to eat have grown at the Dane County Airport.

The new Metcalfe's "Local To Go" Market opened Monday alongside the Great Dane and a recently re-branded and expanded Ancora Coffee as food options at the airport.

"It's important to have these here. This introduces people to the personality of our county with some of our restaurants and one of our themed coffee shops. It also is a nice place for people either leaving or coming who live here," said Dane County Executive Joe Parisi.

The additions are part of a $250,000 investment.

The market and the second-floor Ancora can be found near gates 7 and 8. There's also an Ancora before the security check.

Madison park project goes back to drawing board

Madison park project goes back to drawing board

It's back to the drawing board for those creating a vision for Madison's Public Market.

Mayor Paul Soglin said the project may not be downtown and everything is back on the table. Soglin introduced a new consultant Tuesday who's beginning a new business plan for the proposed park.

Developing a new business plan could take six to eight months.

"We want to find a place for this that fits the vision and the program of uses and activities, and actual elements that will be in the market. We want a place that supports that," said Steve Davies, senior vice president of Project for Public Spaces.

The public will be invited to weigh in on the consultant's review, which is expected to cost $250,000.

Retired Packers player to sign books

Retired Packers player to sign books

Former Packers player Donald Driver will be in Madison Friday to sign copies of his new book.

In "Driven: From Homeless to Hero, My Journeys On and Off Lambeau Field," the legendary NFL receiver and "Dancing with the Stars" champ looks back on his life and career. The book is scheduled to be published Tuesday.

On Friday at 9 a.m., Barnes & Noble on the west side, 7433 Mineral Point Road, will host Driver's book signing. Organizers said the store will hand out numbers to people waiting in line with books to be signed by the Packer legend.

Driver retired from the Packers in February after 14 years.

The signing is free and open to the public, organizers said.