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Child and Family Psychological Services
Where unique learners grow and thrive.
437 South Yellowstone Dr, Suite 218
Madison, WI 53719

About Us

Child and Family Psychological Services

From the beginning of their formal school years, unique learners find themselves facing challenges in a society and school environment which often neither recognize nor foster "exceptionalities."

Elementary students often do not get the evaluation and support services they need. Middle and high school students often flounder in an unstructured environment. Adults struggle to maintain jobs and personal relationships.Established in 1981, Child and Family Psychological Services offers assessment, diagnosis, advocacy, treatment and help with school, post secondary training and work issues for unique learners and those who care about them.

We are a Wisconsin State Certified Mental Health Clinic offering assessment, evaluation, diagnosis and out-patient mental health treatment of emotional, cognitive and learning disorders.

We provide ecological assessments and evaluations aimed at knowing and understanding the "whole person," the person's community, and their environment.  We visit and assess our client's schools and workplace and observe their daily activities. In addition, we conduct individualized testing using nationally standardized tests and measurements.

Additional Information

Services are available by appointment. We offer evening and weekend hours.

If you have any questions about our services or would like to schedule an appointment, please call us at 608.288.1882.


Giftedness and "Twice-Exceptional" Learners
ADD/ADHD/Executive Function Disorders
Nonverbal Learning Disability
Asperger's Syndrome/ High Functioning Autism
Social/Emotional Difficulties


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